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There's no better way to experience First Euless than to be our guest! The people of First Euless are authentic, kind, and sincere in their concern for each other—and you! From the time you drive up until the moment you leave, we think you'll have a great experience. Just click below to plan your visit, and we'll see you this Sunday!



A place you can belong!

First Euless is a great place to attend—but it's an even better place to belong!

Why not make it official? When you're ready, simply attend our membership class that meets on the first Sunday of the month. Read about why membership matters, and sign up for REAL membership.  



What are Connection Groups?

Connection Groups are smaller groups of people that meet to explore the Bible together and help each other grow. Finding a Connection Group is an important step because it's all about building your relationship with God and helping you connect with others that you can do life with.

What are Connection Groups?
What Is Equip?

What Is Equip?

We all need to be equipped! Equip gives you the tools to grow closer to the Lord than you have ever been before. Choose from a variety of classes that allow you to explore a particular area of interest. Come and get equipped!