Personal Discipleship

What is Mentoring?

Two key focuses of Jesus’ ministry on earth were relationships and training. In three short years, He poured His time and energy into training up 12 men to become just like Him. While they were being trained, they were known as His disciples. At the end of their training, He told them to be disciple makers. By being obedient to His command, these disciple makers literally changed the world!

Part of the disciple-making process at First Euless follows the same model that Jesus used with His disciples. A disciple who wants to become like Jesus is matched with a disciple maker. Through the investment of time and energy into this one-on-one relationship, a disciple is trained to become more like Jesus and ultimately becomes a disciple maker. We call this process mentoring.


When you think of the term mentoring, a variety of different definitions may come to mind. 

  • Mentoring is a process that is built on relationships and multiplying those relationships.

  • Mentoring is not complicated or difficult. However, it is specific in purpose and intent. Its objective is to help you in your quest to help others. Anyone can do this, whether or not you have been mentored yourself. If you can read, you can do it.

  • Mentoring is about spiritual mentoring with the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.

  • Spiritual Mentoring involves coming alongside a spiritual coach on a consistent basis for approximately one year. After the person being mentored completes the process, they then duplicate themselves by taking someone else through the process.

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