Our Team

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Senior Pastor

John Meador

Senior Pastoroffice: 817.540.7452

Reed Chapman

Ministry Assistant to Pastor John Meadoroffice: 817.540.7452

Worship Ministry

Brad Riley

Interim Worship Pastoroffice: 817.540.7447

Vicki Jeffus

Executive Assistant to the Worship Ministryoffice: 817.540.7444

Rian Slay

Production Associateoffice: 817.540.7446

Jana Harwell

Worship Associateoffice: 817.540.7480

Brad Powers

Technical Arts Directoroffice: 817.540.7483

Kennedy Powers

Worship Internoffice: 817.540.7461


Humberto Gonzalez

Pastor of First Euless en Español office: 817.540.7479


Ed Kho

Pastor of First Euless Internationaloffice: 817.540.7475

Aaron Sutanto

First Euless International Associateoffice: 817.540.7459


Tim Alba

Senior Associate Pastor, Finance and Administrationoffice: 817-540-7406

Karen Burnell

Director of Operationsoffice: 817.540.7400

Marsha Hill

Accounting Associateoffice: 817.540.7402

Shara Green

Accounts Payable

Dorcas Schnieders

Administrative Support Associateoffice: 817.540.7405

Bola Oyedele

Accounting Assistantoffice: 817.540.7403

Cindy Sullivan

Library Associate

Next Steps

Bryan Cox

Next Steps Ministeroffice: 817-540-7469

Catie Cochran

Administrative Assistant to Bryan Coxoffice: 817.540.7466

Preschool Ministry

Cathy Jones

Preschool Ministeroffice: 817.540.7413

Alice Norwood

Administrative Assistant (Preschool Ministry)office: 817.540.7414

Kimlyn Nichols

Resource Coordinatoroffice: 817.540.7419

Julie Cleveland

1st Kids Academy Directoroffice: 817.540.7473

Janet Crome

Childcare Coordinatoroffice: 817.540.7418

Children's Ministry

Chris Burton

Children's Ministeroffice: 817.267.3313

Lisa Willis

Family Ministry Coordinatoroffice: 817.540.7462

Sammy Ray

KiDs Beach Club Coordinatoroffice: 817.540.7474

Drew Webb

Preteen Associate Minister

Ronni Holley

Children's Next Step Coordinatoroffice: 817.540.7436

Student Ministry

Kent Wells

Student Ministeroffice: 817.283.8554 x.254

Heather Snell

Girl’s Associate and Administrative Assistantoffice: 817.283.8554 x.253

Ben Dishman

10th-12th Grade Associateoffice: 817.283.8554 x.257

Michael Upchurch

Student Worship & 7th-9th Grade Associateoffice: 817.283.8554 x.255

Young Adult Ministry

Russell Gregory

Young Adult Ministeroffice: 817.540.7442

Aisea Babcock

Associate Minister to Young Singles

Adult Ministry

Jeff Rees

Adult Ministeroffice: 817.540.7456

Cindy Perrett

Adult Administrative Assistantoffice: 817.540.7455

Women's Ministry

Pam Hill

Director of Women's Ministryoffice: 817.540.7467


Gloria Irving

Minister of Missionsoffice: 817-540-7477

Doug Brown

Missions Associateoffice: 817.540.7423


Ellen Rankin

Morning Receptionistoffice: 817.267.3313

Joyce Cheatham

Afternoon Receptionistoffice: 817.267.3313


Kevin Davis

Facilities Directoroffice: 817.540.7428

Mark Tice

Facilities Associateoffice: 817.540.7481

Tony Chandler

Facilities Associate


Josh Merriott

Communications Minister

Stacy Stelzel

Interactive Media Directoroffice: 817.540.7427

Rebecca Valerio

Art Directoroffice: 817.540.7425

PJ Dunn

Director of Serve Ministry & IToffice: 817.540.7471

Judy Gilleland

My First Euless Coordinator