What's Next? FAQ

frequently asked questions about what's on the horizon for First Euless

Your Questions Matter

We've taken a few minutes to answer some questions that we've been asked about what's next for our church. If you don't see an answer to your question or would like more clarity, please ask your question here.  

What projects are we considering?

As discussed at the 1/28/18 Town Hall meeting (with 375 members present), we are considering two key projects based on input received so far from staff, deacons, committees, and other lay leaders: 1) Euless campus renovations and 2) a satellite campus in the Northwest Tarrant County area. As noted below, we are only in the planning phase (early in the process). And while there should be a balance between giving advance notice (before details are known) and final plans (details are set), we want to err on the side of advance notice. Hence, many questions are preliminarily answered, with more “meat on the bones” to come later.

Why are we considering these projects?

We believe God wants us to reach more people for Christ—both here and in NW Tarrant County. We’ve seen growth all around our Euless Campus (new homes like Viridian/others, new retail, and building refreshes), yet our facilities have grown increasingly in need of renovations to be more family-friendly for people of all ages, meet their needs, and prepare us to reach people for years to come.

Also, one of the fastest growing areas in America is about 30 minutes from our door. The Northwest ISD is expected to grow to 90 schools in the next ten years. Growth is already happening, and we have members who live in that area who drive to Euless on Sundays. It’s an incredible opportunity to expand First Euless’ strong biblical influence into an area that needs to be reached with the gospel.

Our preliminary analysis of demographic data, consultant input, and church leader feedback align with these beliefs and needs. The 25-member Long Range Vision Team’s feasibility study discussed many options, given our community favor/opportunity, God-given anointing, and strong financial condition, but their bottom line was: “doing nothing is not an option.” Because we are strong, financially free, and have a ministry platform that can be multiplied, we are in a position to reach more people in the years to come.

How did we get to this point and what’s next?

The group that started the vision and long-range planning initiative was a Deacon Vision team of a dozen deacons and staff. That work began in 2016.

In 2017, Pastor John, in consultation with committees and lay leaders, formed three feasibility teams to determine the feasibility of: a) Euless campus renovations, b) Satellite campus in NW Tarrant County, and c) Funding possibilities. They determined that these projects are feasible and that further analysis should be done. This included 25 members and staff with a cross section of ages and areas of service.

In late December 2017, a Growth Team was formed, including: Deacon Chair, Personnel Committee Chair, Budget & Finance Committee Chair, and senior staff. Its goal is to clarify the church’s long-term vision, as well as develop and oversee the following teams to help fulfill that vision:

a) Euless Campus Team—to assess and recommend family-friendly facilities to maximize worship, attract guest, and connect people of all ages to this church body and community.

b) Satellite Campus Team—to develop a plan to establish a satellite campus in Northwest Tarrant County to extend the ministry of First Euless to lead all people to follow Jesus.

c) Funding Team—TBD, as needed later.

Who are the people on the teams and how were they selected?

The current team members, as selected by the Growth Team, are noted below. Other members, primarily ladies with key expertise, are prayerfully deciding if they can also serve.

Growth Team: Len Bussey and Pastor John (co-leads), along with Melissa Embry, Allen Beghtel, and Matt Tyson (members). Note: Scotty Sanders, Tim Alba, Andy Johnson, and Josh Merriott (staff) serve on all these teams.

Euless Campus Team: Gary Stowe and Tim Alba (co-leads), along with Ashlee Garcia, Eric Bartel, Staci Hollar, Don O’Neal, Wallace Rogan, and Tommie Turner (members), and Chris Burton and Cathy Jones (staff).

Satellite Campus Team: Jason Spivey and Kent Wells (co-leads), along with Lori Ann Phelps, Scott Bays, Kevin Crenshaw, Greg Miller, Mark Skinner, and Enoch Timothy (members), and Bryan Cox and Brad Riley (staff).

Are these projects a “done deal?”

No, this is Phase 2 of three phases. Phase 1 was feasibility. Phase 2 is planning. Plans will be formed, but execution – Phase 3 – would occur only after completion of due diligence. Although many answers to key questions are not yet known, we believe it is better to begin informing the church of what is being considered by a cross-section of lay leaders and staff.

We hired a church growth/architect firm, MG&A, to provide a “master plan concept” for this campus. They are one key source to help us consider how to reconfigure, repurpose, and/or redo our campus. We will leverage MG&A, other churches, members, and staff to develop a master plan. Also, we are retaining a firm with expertise in launching satellites to help our Satellite Campus Team create/execute plans.

Are the Euless Campus and Satellite projects combined or separate? What’s the timeline?

They are separate with different time horizons. Both teams will do further research to provide a Planning Guide with three key deliverables: scope, cost, and execution timeline. A satellite campus is a more readily-defined project; whereas, the Euless Campus project involves more ministry and financial facets to be determined. We feel a sense of urgency because the gospel has urgency, but we will proceed as fast as is prudently possible and as God directs our paths and directs our steps.

What is happening to Campus West?

No answers are set on selling vs keeping Campus West, and no viable offers are pending. However, two independent consultants say we can again have all ministries on the east side of Highway 157, assuming major renovations. If so, the 80,000 square feet and 10 acres of Campus West could be sold (combined or separately to maximize net proceeds). We have not shopped it nor completed valuation assessments, as we are just now beginning. Two firms said they are interested in buying Campus West, but made no viable offers. If viable offers are received, the Euless Campus Team would work with our consultant, other members, and staff (especially our Student Ministry), to recommend next steps.

What would happen to 6 Stones?

 This possibility started when 6 Stones’ leadership asked, on behalf of City of Bedford officials, if First Euless would be open to selling Campus West. Thereafter, First Euless has had ongoing conversations with 6 Stones. 6 Stones board has begun discussing relocations possibilities if a sale materialized. 6 Stones remains a key ministry partner of First Euless and its members (as are other ministries birthed from First Euless, such as Mid Cities Pregnancy Center, Kids Beach Club, etc.). Also, First Euless is communicating with the Christian Counseling Center, which located at Campus West.

Why would we consider selling Campus West?

 Any recommendation on sale of Campus West would be based on primarily how to maximize ministry, and secondarily on financial considerations. As a reminder, Campus West was purchased at an incredible discount many years ago. Student ministry relocated there, and 6 Stones was later added. The core question is how facilities can best help us reach families. We are exploring if, in fact, we could better reach and serve families by having all First Euless ministry on one side of the street, versus separating families with students transported across the street at Campus West.

Annual maintenance/other operating costs for Campus West are $200,000+ per year, PLUS renovations and repairs for sewer, parking lot, restroom renovations, etc. Beyond cost, though, is co-locating ministry on one side of the street. This would involve many key ministerial and functional questions, which is part of what the Euless Campus Team will consider. As we are tasked with taking a fresh look at all of our ministries, the various teams involved so far, along with staff and committees, believe we must explore all key possibilities including the sale of Campus West.

How would the satellite operate and how much would it cost?

The satellite would be an extension of First Euless—one church with multiple locations. This second location would share our mission, vision, values, processes, and key ministry strategies. It would likely rent space at first and not be a full-time “flat screen” facility (i.e., only stream First Euless sermons). Initial staffing would likely include a campus pastor and staff to be determined. Although official satellite staff would be incremental, existing staff would do much of the work. Adult connection would meet in homes due to limited connection class space. More assumptions will be determined (e.g., how many current members would likely go there, sq. ft., self-sustainability date, etc.).

Who would be the satellite’s Campus Pastor?

After prayerfully considering this question and our various qualified ministers, Pastor John believes, with Personnel Committee’s affirmation, that Kent Wells would be the satellite’s Campus Pastor, assuming subsequent due diligence and decisions align with that preliminary decision. Therefore, Kent was asked to co-lead the Satellite Campus Team for the planning phase. Needless to say, Kent is beloved as our Student Pastor for 13+ years, and he will surely do a great job regardless of his role.

Is this a satellite or a church plant, and what is the difference?

This would be a satellite. This is an important distinction because satellites are dependent extensions of a single church, not a separate church. Each campus, although it has its own staff, location, and other dedicated resources, operates under a unified umbrella of processes and church leadership. Accordingly, the success rate of satellites, as compared to independent church plants, is dramatically higher. Also, some members have asked about a name for a satellite, but we are too early in the process to have anything definitive on that matter.

How will these projects be financed? Where does the money come from?

First Euless is in a strong financial condition. It maintains cash reserves and has been debt-free for over a decade. Final funding recommendations would come from a Funding Team that would be formed later, as needed. Funding would come from different sources. First, in 2017, the First Euless Budget & Finance Committee agreed that funding for a 2018 satellite would come from savings, not the 2018 budget, as approved by this committee in consultation with these teams. Second, funding for smaller facilities improvements (e.g., moving Pre-k and Kindergarten to the Preschool building) would likely come from savings as well. Third, major Euless campus refurbishments would likely come from various sources. Possibilities include cash savings, Campus West sale, capital campaigns, short-term debt, and one-time donations. Details are dependent upon vetting and recommendations by teams, committees and staff.

Will we take on debt to do these projects?

Funding for a satellite campus would come from cash savings in 2018, with funding for subsequent years likely coming from operating budgets and/or cash savings (i.e., not debt). Funding for major campus renovations, though, could involve short-term debt after careful, prayerful deliberations by the teams involved and an affirmative vote by the congregation. We would also seek counsel from people and/or organizations on how to best do this and assess such borrowing capacity, as should any church, business, or family when considering such possibilities.

What are the proposed changes being considered?

The Euless Campus team will develop overall plans to help our aging facilities be more “family friendly” and better prepared to reach new people. The team, with assistance of design/construction professionals, will examine all space on the Euless campus, and will complete a facilities “master plan.” One immediate priority is moving Pre-k and Kindergarten to the Preschool building near the Worship Center to improve the experience for families with young children.

What is the review process for these projects?

The Growth Team will ensure projects are presented to the church. The Budget & Finance Committee approves all unbudgeted expenditures. Trustees approve asset disposals. Major projects (e.g., property sale, capital campaigns, etc.) have also historically received congregational approval. After Growth Team approval, a Satellite project would likely be approved through the Budget & Finance Committee and affirmed by the church. Many specifics, including this one, will be forthcoming.

How will all this be communicated?

Pastor John and the Growth Team will proactively share the process and progress. This FAQ and other information will be maintained on First Euless’ website. Other preliminary plans include updates in: worship service, online, Connection Groups, and town hall meetings. Input will come from the Euless Campus and Satellite Campus Teams, members in public and connection/small group forums, personal interactions, deacons, committee meetings, etc. A timeline of dates for meetings and messaging is being finalized. These key advancements of the gospel will happen, though, only if the people of First Euless unify and align around a God-given calling to reach new people for Christ through these projects. And that can happen only if we all feel a part of this grand vision.

Will we have adequate parking here?

That answer, like many details, are not yet known, but would be part of a Planning Guide to be completed by the Euless Campus Team. MG&A said we could have adequate parking here, but the Team will dig deeper into that issue and many others in coming months. For clarity, parking considerations would involve parking in general, for senior members and handicap members.

What can I do now?

We all have a role. We all can pray. Pray for these teams, pray for wisdom, and pray that God continues to bless his church and prepares it to reach more people than ever before. We all can engage. Engage in the town hall meetings, connection class interactions, and small group communication sessions that will occur. And we all can encourage. Encourage each other to unify and align with what God will show us to do, whatever that may be. Which takes us back to prayer . . .

If I have questions, how can I get answers?

Feedback and questions can be submitted online using the link below or dropped off at Guest Central or offering boxes. Or you can also email them to , Len Bussey at , or Tim Alba at The Growth Team will process all inquiries.

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