Love One

reaching the world by reaching one

What is LOVE ONE?

LOVE ONE is a focused, intentional, ongoing effort to lead people to Jesus through personal relationships.

Let's get Focused

Our focus for the coming twelve months is simply ONE - ONE person committed to loving ONE unchurched person by praying, serving, and sharing.

The average church has less than 5% of its members engaged and committed to telling others about Jesus. Our goal is for everyone to identify ONE unchurched person and show them the love of Christ

What Can You Do?

IDENTIFY Choose your ONE person who needs a relationship with Jesus and commit to yourself to God’s plan to reach the world by reaching ONE.

INTERCEDE — Pray for wisdom and courage, for your ONE to be receptive, and for others who are reaching their ONE as well.

INVEST— Be intentional and faithful in showing the love of Jesus to your ONE. Become a genuine friend.

INVITE — As the relationship grows between you and your ONE, invite them to attend church services and events.

IMPART Actively look for the opportunity to tell your ONE about how Jesus changed your life. When you bring your ONE to church, we’ll share the hope of Christ with them as well.

Taking the Challenge

On January 28, our pastor will kick off a four-week sermon series that shows us what LOVE ONE is all about. Then, on February 18, we'll be challenged to choose our ONE. Join us for the series, and begin prayerfully considering who your one will be.