Food Drive

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Food Drive

First Sunday of the month


Food Drive

Help us stock the shelves of 6 Stones' New Hope Center! Bring non-perishable food with you on the first Sunday of each month and drop it by one of the 6 Stones trucks parked on the east and west sides of the main campus. 

Every gift helps feed hungry families in the mid-cities—and each family that picks up food hears the gospel!

Here's a list of some specific things 6 Stones is asking for:

Canned chicken 

Canned spam

Canned fruit (all varieties)

Canned baked beans 

Canned potatoes 

Canned chili 

Pasta sauce 


Hamburger helper 

1 lb. Bags rice

Saltine crackers

Diapers  (newborn size)

Baby wipes 

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